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Are you nuts? Have no friends you can talk to? Were you born without common sense? Is life all about you, you, you? Do you push the elevator call button repeatedly even after having seen someone else press it first? Never fear! Sista Mama is here. She can give you advice on most any question. Who is Sista Mama? Quite frankly, she's someone who is not nuts, is a great friend, was born with common sense, considers others, and has no elevator-call-button issues. Forget Oprah! Let Sista Mama help you. Send questions to: Ask My Not all questions will get a response but those that do will be posted in future columns on this site.

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Dear Sista Mama:

The other day, after 5 years of dating, my boyfriend told me that he was leaving because he was bored. This came totally out of left field as I had no idea he felt that way; especially on the weekends when we always had such great sex. How could I have been so blind? And more importantly, what am I going to do? I love him and I can't live without him!



You are clueless if you think that great sex on the weekends = a great relationship.  Bottom line, there ARE more fish in the sea, you WILL get over him in time, and you WILL discover that you can live without him. I know that doesn't make you feel better right now, but you gotta believe. Spend some time with a close, trusted friend you can talk to who may be able to shed a different perspective on what you thought was a good relationship. And Clueless, keep in mind that a good relationship is one of friendship, shared interests, great communication, laughter, support, and many more important things than sex. If those components had been a part of your relationship this breakup would not have come as a surprise.

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Dear Sista Mama:

I am an 18-year-old man who cannot understand my parents. They have told me that I need to either get a job, join the army, or move out but that they were no longer going to support me. They have told me that I could live with them for another year, but that I would have to pay rent. I think this is totally ridiculous! Why I should I have to pay rent to my mother and father? I didn't ask to be born! They HAVE to take care of me. And as for a job, I am not going to work at McDonald's for $5 an hour! That won't buy one pair of Air Jordans. And I am not going to the army! How can I make my parents see that they're wrong?



Get your freeloading adult butt out of your parents' house and get a JOB! Exactly how many reasons do you need for you having to support yourself? Uuhmmm let me're grown, your parents worked to feed you, clothe you, keep you under a roof for 18 years. Now is the time for them to relax and enjoy their twilight years. Grow up, get a grip, and get a job!

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Dear Sista Mama:

My grandmother (my mother's mother) died a few years ago. After she died, my  mother gave me my grandmother's diamond and gold wedding ring saying that my grandmother always wanted me to have it. It was over 60 years old. Recently, I  realized that I had either misplaced it or lost it. My mother asks me about it from time to time and I am scared to tell her the truth. It wasn't insured either. What should I do?

Scared and ringless

Scared and ringless,

Lawd ha' mercy chile! I think you need to get busy searching your house, room by room. If you're lucky you've misplaced it. If you've lost it, t'ain't too much you can do about it. That will be a tough lesson to learn---either insure valuables that can't be replaced or put them in a vault in a bank.

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